Past Life Photo Booth
You look so familiar . . .
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Thanks to the person formerly known as Dahlia Granucci for stopping by!

"Omigosh! Is that the PLPB?!"

Except the Booth, which will be its usual size at the FREE PRESS SUMMER FEST, yo! Take a break from heat stroking out to Snoop, Best Coast or whoever (but definitely not the Descendents), step into the sweltering still shade of the magical Booth and find out what kind of totally average person you may [...]

The Booth at Treasure Island Music Fest

The Booth made an appearance this weekend at the Treasure Island Music Fest. Lines were long and steady around the clock, and many minds were blown. Also, many people were confused. Good times.

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8:30 and 900 Feet

Well, we made it. Despite being abandoned by most of its “crew” and being vandalized on Tuesday, the little booth survived the epic journey to BRC. Did you see it? Was it working? Did you have sex in it (we’ve had reports of this . . .) I’d LOVE to hear your stories and see [...]

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You can contribute to my project by filling out the form below. Just make sure you choose an infamous (or ordinary person) who’s been dead for at least 50 years. Use that stellar wit of yours and imagine what said person’s overarching life lesson may have been. Just make sure it could be applicable to [...]

What the heck is the Past Life Photo Booth? The concept of reincarnation is accepted not only by adherents of Eastern religions or modern ‘New Age’ spirituality, but also by many from the Judeo-Christian traditions. According to a 2005 Gallup poll, 20 percent of U.S. adults believe in reincarnation – that is, the belief that [...]

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Well lookee here, it’s a rendering!